Friday, November 5, 2021

The break up

 This popped into my head early this morning. Kind of like a dream. I see bits of stories from several people, including a little bit of me. Mostly, it's not me which made it fun to write. I can tell I wrote it on my phone while half asleep. It needs work. :)

Eager to please

Too eager to please, he thought

Says what she thinks I want to hear

How can she not know I can see that?

So obviously fake

Her words are meaningless

The only value

Is their dishonesty

I can’t live with such big lies

We all have our secrets

Little things we hide

We have our reasons

But lying to please

Is different

I wish I knew why

I wonder if I would like the real her.

Should I confront her?

Or walk away?

He was curious

And cautious.

She could tell something was wrong

The louder she laughed at his jokes

The less jokes he told,

She saw him wince when she touched his arm, 

And knew it would soon be over.

Why did her relationships always end this way?

She knew the signs,

It was just a matter of time.

Should she hold on?

Was he the ghosting type,

Or direct?

Probably direct.

He seemed like the type who was confident enough to say

This isn’t working for me

You deserve better.

It was fun while it lasted. 

Good luck to you. 

He didn’t seem like a string her along type.

But she’s been wrong before.

Might be worth waiting to see

If she was right.

She knew she was right about it being over.

She just wanted to know if she was right about him.

Would she cry

Ask him to stay together and she would work on it


Blame him,

Say he misunderstood her,

Agree and  wish him well too,

Or give him the silent treatment,

Leave him wondering,

Whose fault it was,

And how they got that far?

It dawned on him that maybe

He had been too eager 

Was he always that way when he met a girl?

This wasn’t the time to think about that.

He could philosophize

And dissect later.


He would call or text her tomorrow.