Thursday, November 4, 2021

Lost and Found

No writing prompt tonight and I drove all day. As a result, I reverted to pondering why I do what I do.

Lost when it comes to spoken words

Her brain can’t get them to her mouth fast enough

So many things unsaid.

So many misunderstandings that could have been avoided

If the right words had come fast enough to be spoken.

Lost in the beauty of hiking paths

Head swiveling to absorb the views

Words are superfluous

She tries to preserve memories by taking photos

They will never match what she feels in her heart.

Words and pictures,

Stored in notebooks and boxes,

Physical and digital,

So many stories 

She can tell,

So many stories yet to live.

Lost and found,

She doesn’t feel lost.

Even though the words don’t always come,

Even though others ask what she is running from,

Even though she doesn’t always know where she wants to go,

She feels like she has found herself at last.