Sunday, December 12, 2021

Been Silent so long

I’m not sure where this one came from.

Been silent for so long

Which will surprise some people

Who think you are too loud

Interrupt too much

Talk too much

In general, are too out there.

But you know

Things about yourself

That they don’t know

The times when

You chose not to speak.

You weren’t capable of speaking.

You felt like speaking up wouldn’t be worth the effort.

You had no idea how to explain.

How you couldn’t think of words that could describe how you felt,

How you couldn’t think, period.

How you thought it would never end.

The flashbacks.

The pain that comes out of nowhere.

The dreams that turn into nightmares.

Been silent so long,

That when you start to talk,

It seems like you’re speaking a foreign language,

In a voice that isn’t your own.

And then, at some point, 

you hear yourself,

And realize, 

This is your voice,

These are your words,

This is your life.

And you can‘t stay silent any more.