Sunday, December 19, 2021

Full Moon adventures


There’s a full moon

The sky looks blue, instead of black.

There’s barking in the distance.

Dogs? Coyotes? Foxes? Wolves?

In a forest,

It’s most likely not domesticated animals.

The full moon is so bright,

There are shadows.

No need for a flash light.

No need for any lights.

The glow from the moon

Is brighter

Than the sun on a hazy day,

It’s a clear night,

Full of barking,

A full moon,


A few stray white clouds,

And a light cool breeze.

According to the calendar, 

Winter begins in three days.

There’s already been snow.

There are Christmas lights in town

In the forest,

The animals are calling out their greetings

To the new season.