Sunday, December 26, 2021

Mindfulness Challenge Day One


Day one exercise

Write as a doorway. What do you want to enter?

Try to use one or more of these words: Few, elaborate, voice, stone, iris, doorway, 

Entering 2022

Though a portal

A doorway

A narrow stone entrance

A wide elaborate walkway

A Milky Way full of stars

A night sky white with clouds

Looking forward to

Leaving the whirlwind of 2021 behind

Entering the new year

With no expectations

With a little hope

With a lot of uncertainty

Open to possibilities

Scared of falling back

Excited about moving forward

Leaving behind worn walkways

And barely touched paths

A list of could’ve, should’ves,

Wondering where the year went

How time could move so quickly.

Bringing me to 

The doorway

We all will enter

Each at our own speed

In our own time zone

With our own wants and needs

Midnight kisses and celebrations


Ghost images in the windows

Reflections of tvs

Candles, lights.

ATime to go to sleep 

Tomorrow will look like just another day

But i know better

Day one of a new year

Reflecting, resolving, renewing.

Wondering where the years have gone

And where they will take me.

Entering 2022

With an open mind

An open heart

At peace

Searching, Seeking,

Wandering, wondering.

Entering doorways and portals

To see what lies beyond the threshold.

Unafraid of consequences

Because consequences are the point of living.

Looking for the doorway 

That tells me as I enter,

"You have arrived."