Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Eve Day Musings

 I had the day off and spent a couple of hours in a coffee shop sipping and writing. Here's what tumbled out of my head. Number two was inspired by a conversation on a Zoom call I was on in the morning. Number five was inspired by an email I got that said to be intentional about your writing. Hm.


Christmas Eve Day

A cold rain is falling in the high desert

A few hundred miles further north or 1,000 feet higher

And it would be snow.

Snow is much prettier than rain

Softer, too.



The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb

The ties of friends in battle.

Had nothing to do with family blood.

Somehow the phrase distilled into

Blood is thicker than water.

A corruption of the original meaning.

Some say the spirit is thicker than blood.

And on and on we go

Interpreting, searching, rewriting.



Christmas Eve Day

Merry Christmas is in the air

Closing government buildings

Shutting down stores and restaurants early

Crowded parking lots 

As people rush to find

The items they forgot

To buy


Cooking, baking, gifting.

Humming along to Christmas music

Everywhere they go.

Trying to remain cheerful

Rather than stress about relationships

Potential arguments

And dietary issues.

Ah, family and friends

Preparing to gather


To feast and be merry

To feast and be joyful

To feast and watch football

Or basketball

Or old movies.

Expecting noise

Expecting sullen quiet

Expecting nothing

And hoping for the best

Christmas Eve Day will soon be Christmas Eve

No more time to prepare

Tomorrow is the big day.

Whether you celebrate or not,

Christmas Day is not just another day.

Merry, happy, gifts, prayers, and singing

For many.

For some,

The world seems to shut down

And expect everyone to have a place to go

People to be with

Food to feast on

Gifts to give and receive.

Christmas Eve Day,

It isn’t everyone’s holiday

But it’s impossible to not feel the pull.

Or feel the solitude 

when the sun sets on December 24

And when the sun rises on Christmas Day..



Happy Christmas weekend.

The wind is blowing


The sky is white with clouds.

At least the rain has stopped.

If only it would snow,

And turn this bleak day into

Something of beauty.

Waiting for the clouds to clear,

The sun to set,

The moon to rise,

And stars to sparkle.

Waiting for the holiday season

To reach a crescendo.

Hoping the high notes last 

Long into the new year.



Set your intentions

Commit to putting in the time and effort

Sounds like a lot of work

To have a relaxing and fulfilling experience.

What happened to

Breathe in, breathe out

Be yourself

Don’t let how others think about you

Cloud how you live your life?

Intentional is a work term

I’d rather not bring it into my personal space.

Commitment sounds like marriage

I don’t need that right  now either.

So I gues my intention

Is to do things my way

And my commitment

Is to not let others dictate how I should live.



Christmas is an interesting holiday

It celebrates a birth

But not on the day of the birth.

It celebrates peace and good will,

With over indulgence and gift binging.

In certain countries the Christmas season is imposed

On everyone, regardless of religion.

Merry Christmas is a salutation and a farewell,

Christmas decorations begin appearing at Halloween

And Christmas music is played nonstop for over a month.

Which leads some people to wonder

What would Jesus think about this?

What are we really celebrating here?

Do you need a religious holiday to recognize the importance of 

Faith, peace, love, hope.

Wouldn’t it be nice 

If we could live those thoughts

Every day

And not act like religion owns them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if 

Faith was personal,

Peace was universal,

Love came easily and stayed longer,

Hope could make dreams come true.

Celebrate a birth

Celebrate a miracle

Celebrate a heritage

Celebrate the solstice

Celebrate believing in whatever you choose

Celebrate not believing.

Just take the time

To be happy for at least a day

And to love yourself forever.