Friday, April 8, 2022

New Routine

Not sure how I feel about this one. I thought it would be short. Too many words, I think. 

Probably too much information. That's what editing is for. We'll call this a first draft. 

New Routine - First Draft

Falling into a routine, of sorts,

When I’m home.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings

Hike, with a group or on my own. 

Maybe sit and write  at a coffee shop after,

Do some grocery shopping and other errands.

Wednesday is usually the long hike.

Monday, sleep in a little, work out or neighborhood walk

Friday, attend the beginner  ukulele class at the library

Saturday, group hike, farmers market, hang out downtown.

Sunday, wild card.

First Thursday night is ukulele club

Now I know that every Tuesday there’s a jam at 11,

Which I can get to because it’s close to where the group hikes.

Saturdays at 5, I can now listen to live music at Cuppers,

One of my coffee shops.

Third Sunday is the coffeehouse music series at the library.

Get home each day and open the curtains.

This time of year, leave the window open day and night.


Sleep, eat, hike, walk, write, play music, listen to music,

Read, attend book club online,

Get out, get comfortable, get seen,

Try to remember names,

Look people in the eye,

Act like i know how to be social

Like a functioning human,


Pick and choose what to do 

Based on me, only me.

Push myself physically when I want to

Push myself socially when I want to

Live life on my terms.

Mainly live life as best I can

Live life for me.