Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Old Fashioned Way

I've been having some wifi and phone issues when trying to write, which has led me to write in a notebook again.

I think the old fashioned way needs to be my new way.

Back to how it began.

Back to ink on paper.

Notebooks partially filled.

Receipts, napkins, envelopes, scraps of paper,

Whatever I could find

To write my soul on.

Observations, snatches of conversation, wishes and dreams,

Beat myself down,

Talk myself up.

Often written so fast and small

That it was hard to read.

My hand cramping,

Ink smudging,

As I tried to keep up with the thoughts pouring out of my head and heart.


Like my room, like my life,

Like everything I couldn’t make sense of.

Ink and paper,

Words and phrases.

I wrote without thinking

I wrote with thinking

Write, sit, write, think.

Write and think, write, write, write,

And maybe grow up a little as the pages turn,

Maybe feel a little lighter

After emptying the weight of the words from an overworked brain.

Maybe feel a sense of accomplishment

At seeing a page which started the day empty

Now is full enough to show