Sunday, July 31, 2022

July 31


July 31,

Another month coming to an end,

a new month soon to begin.

Time goes by,

Life cycles on,

Up and down,

up and down.

Climb and coast,

climb and coast.

Check the watch,

check the calendar.

Tomorrows have become yesterdays,

Todays never stay.

Another day,

another month.

Working through a season,

working through a year.

Orbiting the sun,

playing peak-a-boo with the moon.

July 31,

Summer in the northern hemisphere.

Heat waves and monsoons,

fires and floods.

Fireworks and parades,

road trips and flights.

Garage sales, 

back to school shopping.

Is it really almost August?

The symbolic end of summer,

even though

the calendar says

Summer has another seven weeks

before it gives way to fall.