Monday, August 8, 2022

A Secret not Shared

A secret not shared


If I share a secret

it will no longer be my private truth,

my story that only I know,

my reason for fearing or loving or running or clinging

my reason for being too passionate or too removed,

too, too, too 


Sharing a secret will take it out of my control.

Instead of the secret consuming me

or fueling me,

It could be used by others

to help, hurt, analyze, explain,

whether I want them to or not.

But keeping a secret in

can be a burden,

And sometimes the burden becomes

too much.


too, too, too.


I have a few big ones

and many small ones.

The small ones aren’t really secrets,

they’re just things people don’t know

and I don’t care if they do.

It’s the big ones that 

cause trauma

and occasional drama,

sleepless nights

and solitary days.

I’ve got a secret.

I’ve got a few secrets.

So do you.

So does everyone.

I might have one I want to let out.

Do you?