Monday, October 24, 2022

Don't worry so much?

I had time to listen to a few news shows today. One of them featured several 20-29 year olds.

On the news a twenty-something said,

There's so much to worry about,

  climate change,

  being able to afford rent and groceries,

  micro plastics,

  the world we live in,

  the world I'll leave for my children and grandchildren.

We're being told to vote our values,

  and that's what I plan to do."


I worry about

  what those values are.

I know mine,

  and based on what I hear and see,

  some people's values are not based on 

  anything I've been taught about religion,

  ethics, compassion,

  and the difference between right and wrong.

Like that twenty-something,

I worry about a lot of things, too.

And like her, 

I worry because I live in 

  a world

  that rewards division and name calling

  and discourages compromise, civil conversation, and ethics.

I've been told that

  worrying can wear you down.

I feel the weight of worry,

But instead of wearing me down,

it's making me stronger.

I've been told that

  worrying won't change anything,

I humbly disagree.

My worrying has motivated me 

  to get more involved

  in little things 

  that are part of a bigger picture.

Maybe if enough of us followed our worrying,

  we could make a positive difference

  with our words and actions.

There's so much to worry about

  these days.

Quality of life,

The future of life.

Worth worrying about.

Values, talk, action.