Friday, October 21, 2022

I didn't visit my mom

Watching Jeopardy with my dad and thinking about my mom. I usually visit her when I'm in town. I decided not to this time. Feeling a little guilty, but I'll be okay.

I didn't visit my mom on this trip,

I feel a little guilty about that,

but I shouldn't.

I can talk to her any time I want to

without having to drive to the graveyard

and kneel in the damp grass

at her gravestone.

I visit with her when I feel the need

to hear her voice.

Sometimes she reaches out to me

when I don't expect it.

So, no, brothers,

I didn't sit by her stone

on this trip.

Instead I sat nearby while her husband 

ate, watched tv, and napped.

I walked in the crisp fall weather

and visited with her

in my head

and heart.

I hope she understood.

She was all about family

so she would want me to

be with the living.

I think.

So far, she hasn't complained.

Wait a minute,

I think she's calling to me.

Ah, she says it's okay.

She'd rather I spend time with Dad

and get outside for fresh air,

staying inside isn't healthy for me,

but be sure I don't overdo it.

Yeah, I didn't go to her grave

but we still talked.

Love you, mom.

See you later.