Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Last Time I

 I started this one as a song. I might be able to set it to music if I do some serious editing. Stay tuned.

The last time I saw you,

we barely talked.

You had somewhere you had to go,

I had somewhere else I wanted to be.

The last time I laughed

was yesterday.

I laugh a lot these days,

smiling comes easy now.

The last time I sang our song,

my voice was strong.

I can sing it without

wanting the words to be true.

The last time I had to explain 

or defend my actions

was so long ago

that it no longer matters.

The last time I said I love you

and didn't mean it

is no longer a memory.

I've forgotten the when, where, and why

The last time I,

I could go on and on,

but I don't need to

do that anymore.

I talk, laugh, sing, live

as loudly as I want to.

I dance with or without a partner,

when I want to.

The laugh lines on my face have grown

and I love that they are always there.

I don't play the last time game anymore,

instead, I focus on firsts and well earned encores.