Thursday, November 3, 2022

Early Snow

Early Snow

I probably should have 

driven down the hill

before the snow started.

From my window I could see the clouds

beginning to cover the hilltops.

I could see trees bending in the wind,

and feel cold air blowing through my slightly open window.

The weather app on my phone

said it was already snowing,

which wasn't yet true.

I probably should have

driven down the hill.

Instead I stayed in my room,

sipping coffee,

reading news stories,

listening to music.

Looking out the window,s


as tiny white specks began to fall,

and dance in the air

before landing on the deck

and melting.

The specks got bigger,

snowflakes now,

painting the deck white.

It's not winter yet,

But when you live a mile high,

you know

November 3 is not too early for snow.

I probably should have driven down the hill

before the snow started,

because I know

I won't feel like driving

if the roads get icy.

And the road I'm on

won't get sanded,

which means my all weather tires

will be my only defense

against nature,

And I am a firm believer

in respecting the power

of Mother Nature.