Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Thoughts 11.13.2022

These were inspired by song lyrics I heard today. They could be related, or maybe not.

Sold their stuff,

drove around.

This is where they wound up,

and this is as good as it gets.





Just let me walk.


It's how I get through life.


Let me take my time.


The time I need to live my life.


My mind is getting filled.


Experiences, my journey through life.


Just let me look around.


Inside and out to find my way through this life.


Just let me feel.


Emotions get deeper with every day of life.


Can you find the statues in the dark?

Stone, marble, metal, wood,

Eyes open.

You feel them watching you

even though you don't see them.


Homes and Roots

I've had many homes,

Will probably have more before my final one.

But never stayed long enough

for the roots to grow deep 

and strong enough

To hold me there.

Oh, I have a home, a place where I go

for food, for shelter.

A place I call mine.

Who has been a refugee?

Who has fled to find peace?

Who has been a refugee?

Who has fled in a storm alone

Looking for something you couldn't get at home

Who hasn't been a refugee?

Searching for more,

Searching for peace, comfort, the promise of a future.


Flannel, Fleece, and Down

It's like summer ended overnight.

For days the fall wind has cut to the bone,

Day and night,

Signaling it's time for flannel, fleece, and down.

At night a harvest moon in the sky,

Planets and stars shining bright.

Morning brings the sun rising amidst clouds

Wind tossed leaves, brown on the ground.


Wish on stars.

Wish on pennies that land face up.

Wish when you blow the candles out.

Wish and wonder if your wishes will ever come true.


They say,

The sky's the limit

Follow your dreams

Get back up when you fall

You can make it if you try.

If only life was that easy.

If only life really worked that way.

If only wishes and cliched encouragement could make it so.