Saturday, January 21, 2023

Object Writing - Day Three

Object Writing - Day three

Lily Pad - 90 seconds

I don't see lily pads very often. Green. Slimy to the touch. Not sure what they smell like. Dew? Decay? Dirt? I don't plan on tasting one but if I did I guess it would be chewy. Pieces or threads might stick in my teeth or make me cough. They move with the flow of the water. Yp down. Side to side. Rising. Falling. Floating. 

Let's try it again without making it about me.

Lily pad - 90 seconds

Slimy to the touch. They appear to ooze. Floating in the water. Are they anchored where my eye can't see? The water talks as it pushes the lily pad side to side, up and down. The smell of dirt disappears into the water. The taste of dirt and leaves are imagined. But, for real, who would eat one?