Sunday, January 22, 2023

What Writing - day one

What writing - day one. Five minutes. Unedited except for punctuation.

Bathroom Mirror

I walk in, look at the mirror and see my face,

The lines look so deep.

I apply my night cream

but know 

in the morning

the lines will still be there.

Depending on how well i sleep

they may look deeper.

I hear the heat whoosh on,

pick up my toothbrush,

apply toothpaste,

and enjoy the minty taste

as I scrub my tongue and teeth.

Spit, rinse, mouthwash, look up.

Look into the mirror and see myself

run my fingers through my hair,

so thin.

A curl falls into the sink.

The mirror doesn't lie,

It shows me several times a day

what others see.

Dark circles under my eyes

even though I get 8 hours of sleep nearly every night.

They're in my DNA.

My mother had them.
Her mother had them.

It's a Schnitzer/Merer/Ostroff thing.

I wonder how far it goes back.

To Russia or eastern Europe?
Before there were mirrors,

Before there were creams to hide under?

Sometimes the mirror is my friend,

reassuring me that I look good,

maybe even hot,

for my age.