Monday, February 27, 2023

I Love Paper

 Rough draft morning. This was a 30 minute writing prompt for February Album Writing Month.

The song is too long. Instead of cutting, I added when I edited.

I was thinking about the things that I love

And thinking about how easy I have it.

I have a place to live, food to eat,

And time to enjoy this planet.

I love sunrise and sunset and being outside

I love being alone when I choose

I love the bakery, paperbag of scones and muffins

Eating fresh baked bread with my soup.

One of the things I've loved my whole life 

is reading and writing.

Holding a book, turning the pages,

Soaking up the words.

Holding a pen or pencil,

Pressing it onto the notebook page,

Writing my thoughts and emotions

Onto a piece of paper.

I love hiking in the mountains, feeling the air

I love listening to water streaming over rocks

I love the suck of mud on my boots

And the rhythm when I walk.

Paper, pencils, and pens 

have been replaced

With my laptop, tablet, and phone.

As I type I remember 

The glory of my hand on paper.

Typing is faster, I tell myself

My handwriting has gotten sloppy

Printing takes too long, 

my thoughts move too fast

Save the paper for another time.

I love libraries and bookstores, searching for books

I love looking at the covers,

I love getting lost in stories, finding truths,

And the freedom to not finish unless I want to.

Yeah, I love paper, I love paper,

even on looking at it on a screen

Book paper, newspaper, 

The back of an envelope,

the paper in magazines.