Monday, February 27, 2023


Because who gets to be at least 60 and doesn't think about this, right?

Could you just walk away from your life today

And be proud of what you're leaving?

Even if you don't leave now, think about it,

Will you be proud of what you're leaving?

What do I want to leave behind

Sometimes I think I'd rather not leave

But I know someday this ride will come to an end

Whether I am ready or not.

I hope there are people somewhere playing music and singing

Who might have once sung along with me

I hope there are people who fell in love with reading and/or writing

Because of something I said

I hope there are a few people braver about trying new things

Because of something they saw I did.

I hope small bits of the world are a little happier, a little healthier

Because I was in their life

I know i enjoyed all of these things

Because of the people I met on the way.

When I go, have a party wherever you are.

Make a toast with peanut butter and honey

Or raise a glass of seltzer

Dance the old lady dance or however you want to

Play air guitar, Softly sing harmony, 

Write a bunch of stuff no one reads.

Hike a distant trail

Walk around the block

Enjoy your life

Go as long as you can

And wave to me in the air.

Yeah, maybe my children 

will read these words,

play this song,

when it's my time to leave.

And that will be my legacy.