Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Observing a Balloon and a Conversation - picture based prompt

Writing group picture-based writing prompt. There were two photos, side-by-side on the Zoom screen.

Theme: Relational Mindfulness, which loosely means empathize and understand. Free form, edited for typos and that's it.

They show me two pictures,

On the left, 

  a Valentines helium heart in the dumpster

On the right,

  three people,

At work?

It looks like they know each other,

  but how well

The older man is gesturing, talking.

  Trying to making a point?

No clue what he is saying.

Is it related to the balloon,

  still inflated,

  slowly losing air in the dumpster?

Is it a couple with their boss or a co-worker,

  listening to advice

  or admonishment?

I don't like to assume I know what's going on

  when I watch from a distance

  not hearing a word

  just interpreting facial expressions

  and gestures.

So, instead I make up a story.

The balloon could be a metaphor

  for love

  losing air,

  being thrown away

  against its will.

An intentional act.

Did the young man give the balloon to the young woman

  unwanted, so she threw it out?

Or vice versa?

Did the older man see the balloon and throw it out

  because office romance is discouraged?
Or are the two pictures not at all related

  And I am relating them because

  That is what I was told to do?

Which could be a metaphor 

for what I am conditioned to do.


Arrogantly assume I understand the situation,

Without regard for what is really going on

or the feelings of the people involved.

© 2023 Sue Schnitzer