Friday, November 10, 2023

Where to next?

 Prompt: Picture of a dirt bike parked next to a trail. Caption was "Where to next?"

Where to next?

Where to next?

It's a good question,

a reasonable question,

asked by someone who knows me well,

They know I won't stay rooted for more than a few years.

I used to stay longer

But, well, I'm older,

I no longer have the luxury of overstaying

a bit 

just because I can.

I don't have

enough years left.

Where to next?

I'm not sure,

I sometimes think about it

But I know it isn't time.

Where or when?

It's usually a feeling 

that decides it's time

and searches for a place.

And then

an opportunity presents itself

and I'm afraid that if I let it pass me by

It won't come back again.

That's not an unreasonable fear.

I was stationary for too many years.

It was my choice

and maybe not so much my choice.


My family.

A husband, 


a house we called a home.

The question of where to next

wasn't about a physical place,


It was a question for the future,

a question I couldn't answer

because it wasn't the right time.

A question I asked myself

when I was in a bad place.

Now I ask the same question

because I am in a good place.

Where to next?