Friday, November 10, 2023

What Swirls in the Air?

Online writing salon this morning. Prompt #1 was "What Swirls in the Air?"

What Swirls in the Air


I am warm as I watch

trees and bushes shake in the wind

Birds glide high to low

I see their wings move

up and down

as they rise again.

High, low, glide, flap.

I watch as

a piece of paper 

jumps across the grass.

I watch

orange and yellow leaves swirl, 

settle on the ground,

Shiver and dance

when a gust of wind catches them

just right.

I can't see the air but I know it is there.


I feel wind beat against my face

My eyes blink,


I taste dust

in my mouth


I inhale air

cold and crisp in my nostrils

I blow my breath out through my mouth

Inhale, exhale,

Puff up,

Blow it out.

This is how I live.

I chase leaves,

I chase life,

I walk a path to see

the wind create ripples in the water.




I am alive.