Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell to 2020

 The year in review.


The year everyone wants to end.

Pandemic, pain, death.

Unemployment and food giveaways.

Racism front and center.

Peaceful marches, violent resistance.

A nation divided.


The year that kicked us in the face with the realization 

that not all Americans are treated equally,

privilege is real,

we are all vulnerable,

And the most down trodden among us always suffer more,

While the most powerful thrive.


A year of confusion, chaos, and clarity.

A year of growth.

I found my voice,

Expanded my perspective,

Explored new paths.

Made new friends.

Became closer to old friends. 

The year my new me fell in love again with the old me.

Another year coming to an end.

Another trip around the sun.