Thursday, November 4, 2021

The time had come

 NaNoWriMo short story #5. The prompt was "She'd waited so long. Now-finally-the time had come." I think there's more to this one, but not sure where it''s going to go. I'll come back to it later in the month,

She'd waited so long. Now - finally - the time had come. She was ready. She could do this. She had worked this out in her head so many times that sometimes it felt real. But it wasn’t. And now she was ready. It was time.

She rehearsed once again what she planned to say. And the question she needed to ask. Opened the door and realized that once again, it didn’t seem like the right time, Once again, she would wait for the right moment. Once again, she would wish she spoke up. Once again, she would hold her thoughts inside and wish she had spoken up.

She’d waited so long. And now she would wait some more.

She felt regret. Disappointment. Like a coward. And a sense of relief. Waiting meant that things wouldn’t change. They could go on as they had been. Which was okay with him. Not as okay for her. But the fear of losing what they had was bigger than the disappointment of not speaking up. They say that what you choose not to say speaks volumes. When you don’t make a decision, you are making a decision. She knew all of that. And still she decided to wait until the time had come, again. 

And maybe, in that split second, she would finally speak the words she wanted, needed to say. And not be held back by the fear of getting a response.