Thursday, December 21, 2023

What am I Holding?

I attend a Thursday morning online healing/writing session, Holding Each Other, hosted by RitualWell.

Today's prompt:

What is holding me right now as I bear witness to what is happening in the world?

What am I holding?

The world

is a big place

full of happiness and tragedies.

The tragedies are becoming harder to ignore.

Are they toughening us?

Are they toughening me?

Or creating new norms?

I look

I listen

I see signs

I hear words

that turn my stomach.

Words and images of hatred and violence 

that scare me

for my own safety

for the safety of fellow humans

for my children's future

for everyone's future.

I feel like I am bearing witness

to hundreds (probably thousands) of years 

of misery, tyranny, subservience, control, supposed inferiority and superiority

Coming uncorked.

No one should be made to feel miserable

No one should be bullied

No one should be controlled

No one is superior.

No one is inferior.

What am I holding in me right now?

Hope that the world

can recover from the assault,

can recover from the landslide into the darkness of hate.

can recover from the avalanche of war and fighting.

Hope that my country will survive

Hope that the world will survive

Hope that my children's world will not be as bad as it looks like it will be.


sometimes it feels like that's all I have

because reality is so depressing.

Sometimes my hope holds me up.

Sometimes my hope makes me feel like it's too late

Sometimes my hope is enough.

Sometimes my hope makes me feel so hopeless

that I want to give up.


I hold my hope tightly

I don't want to let it go.


Please, I pray, 

Let my hope stay with me

Let some of my dreams come true.

Let my children have hopes and dreams

and hold them close

and have the joy of seeing

Dreams come true

Hopes become real.

Hold them close

The hopes, the dreams, the children,

And someday,