Sunday, December 24, 2023

I Am A Writer

The writing theme was "who you really are."  A story came out, fiction rooted in fact.

1. Conversation with a stranger

Well worn jeans, 

a plaid flannel hiding a black t-shirt

faded ballcap on his salt and pepper hair,

He came over to where she was sitting

and asked if she was a writer.

Well, I like to write,

But it's mainly for me.

Ah, then you are a writer, he said.

I guess if you put it that way,

I am.

Do you want to sit down?

If I do, will you ask me my life story?

Only if you want to tell it, she smiled.

He pulled out the chair,

Put his backpack on the ground

What do you want to know?

It can begin that simply

with a few questions, answers, and smiles

What happens next

depends on what you hear

What you say

What you ask

And what you decide to hold back.

2. Thinking back

Later she thought about that place

that moment

When she looked up and saw him standing there

When he asked her that question

"Are you a writer?"

She had always known she was,

But no one had ever asked her

And if they commented about her writing

it was usually in a way

that made her either pull back

or feel like she had to defend herself.

"Are you a writer?"

And I am still writing

because of a man I met once

who trusted me enough

to tell me his story,

In return he gave me the gift of


that yes, 

I am a writer.

He showed me that

validation can come

in the most unexpected way

at the most unexpected time,

The more unexpected, the more special it is.


Writing is who I am.

It's what I do

It's how I tell my story

It's how i bear my pain

It's how I heal, recover, live, laugh, love.