Thursday, December 21, 2023

Today's Prayer, written during Winter Solstice in a confusing world

Written after listening to a reading of "How to Pray While the World Burns" by Hill Ratzabi.

Precious drops of life

We pray for ourselves

  For others

  For things we can't control

We pray for 




Oseh shalom bimromav,

May the one who makes peace in his high places

Hu ya'aseh shalom alienu

Make peace for all of us





God, Goddess, overseeing being

What role do you have in my life?

What role do you have in the world?

Divine power?

Divine countenance?



Creator of everything?
Creator of nothing?

Planet earth is


Living beings are


Reality is


The ground is real

I can feel it

I dig, walk, kick up dust and rocks.

The sky surrounds me

I see blue, gray, sun, clouds, moon, stars, purple, orange, black.

I reach out my hand and think I'm touching the sky

But all I feel is air


               through my