Thursday, January 4, 2024

Gates and Mysteries

I attend an online writing/prayer group, "Holding Each Other," hosted by RitualWell.  There were two prompts today (the first two parts of today's morning write). The third section is kind of my summation.

1. What gates are you seeking to enter, as the light expands?

Whether you can see them or not,

Gates are there waiting to be entered,

Gates leading to places, people, emotions

Gates of possibility

Gates of light 

Waiting to be entered

When you are ready

There are no locks

No latch

Just an opening

A gate to your soul.

2. What mysteries are you exploring as the new year opens?

Mysteries waiting to be explored

You don't know what they will be

Each day offers the opportunity

To find one.

What mysteries would you like to explore

What mysteries will you be brave enough to explore

What mysteries will scare you into backing up

And finding a new gate to enter?

It's a new year.

Every day is a new day

Each hour, minute, second,

Leading you closer to gates and mysteries

To enter and explore

Along your journey.

3. What will your story be in the new year?

I'm still creating my story

A new chapter is beginning

I don't know yet how it will end

Or what the next chapter will be.

I stay on the journey

Through course changes,

Slow, fast

Standing still,

Creating and overcoming

Following my heart

Getting lost

Finding myself

Getting lost and found again,

An endless cycle

The cycle of life?