Thursday, January 4, 2024

The Right Way

From my Wednesday morning writing with The Narrative Method. Theme was Kaleidoscope, Reflecting and expanding your point of view to include a multitude of perspectives. 

What project was finally completed when he stopped doing things the "right" way?

The right way,

How many times had he heard that phrase,

How many times had he been told he was doing it wrong

  even though to him it felt right,

How many times had his "wrong" way worked?

He had lost count.

Pretty much every success in his life

Every good thing that happened to him

Every adventure

Every failure he learned from


  was done

  the "wrong" way.

Kind of like when he was a kid,

He was asked,

"Why can't you act like the other kids?"

He tried, 

But it never felt right

[there's that word again]

It always felt like he was trying to be someone else,

It felt like acting.

Not real.

He didn't like that.

So he went back to being himself

which didn't require any acting.

And he continued to be told

to do things the right way,

Which he might have done a few times 

when it was his right way,

not because he wanted to do it their way.

[Does that make sense?]
Bottom line,

Not doing things the way a normal person would

Not doing things the "right" way

had worked out fine for him.

Better than fine.

Sure, he had his misfires,

So-called failures,

Internal battles,

And somehow he rose out of the flames

Crawled out of the ruts




He didn't need or want other people to do things his way

He just wanted them to shut up

  and stop telling him his way was wrong.

Especially when they could see 

  he was probably happier than they were.